Entry Level entrepreneur Jobs AGM Advantage Halifax, Nova Scotia Full-Time/Part-Time


A Listly List - This is an Entry Level Entrepreneur jobs in Halifax This is not a remote position. Entrepreneurship is a very versatile career. Generally, you’re responsible for planning and directing daily operations, coming up with new ideas, managing conflicts, supervision, sales, and even marketing. If you're looking for an entry-level job in Kitchener, AGM Advantage is the perfect place to start your career. We offer a variety of entry-level positions that require no prior experience, so you can get your foot in the door and start building your career. From customer service and sales to marketing and operations, we have a position that's right for you. So don't wait any longer, apply today and start your journey with AGM Advantage! What will you gain? Professional business and communication skills, interviewing and networking skills, ongoing support and guidance to help you launch your career. Three Roles of Great Entrepreneurs The Architect: Big-Picture Planning The Storyteller: Researching and Selling The Disciplinarian: Executing Benefits: Ability to lead and develop your own team Opportunity to run a business Chance to be a leader in your community and make a difference daily We offer a paid training program with hands-on field development experiences and continued support Entrepreneur responsibilities include: Seeking new directions and ways to improve and grow the company Initiating and leading business activities Identifying business opportunities and reducing business risk Building strategic partnerships Digitalizing business operations Researching the most recent methods of reducing production cost Organizing training for staff to help them familiarize themselves with the latest technological programs in the market to improve efficiency Using the most popular and recent marketing medium to ensure you reach your target group Create and maintain the overall marketing plan for the business Make outbound calls, respond to emails, and reschedule appointments as needed Attend to clients and ensure customer satisfaction by introducing adjustments to products and services Carry out the HR function for the business Perform all other duties necessary for the organization to achieve its goals In-depth training include: Client Services & Sales Support, Data Analytics, Helpdesk/Desktop Support, Investment Operations and Project Management Support Requirements and skills: High school diploma No Prior work experience is required as an entrepreneur or similar role Highly motivated to learn technical and professional skills Eager to master building marketing plans. This is not a remote position. https://ift.tt/OvHTc6S

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