A Listly List - Sports-Minded Entry Level Sales Representative with LevelUp This is not a remote position! Sports-Minded Entry Level Sales Representative Do you love working with excited, goal-driven team members? Are you willing to learn and grow through challenges and victories? We got your back! LevelUp is built from a firm foundation of passionate and adventurous individuals who are willing to be coached into success. We are a competitive group of hard-working entrepreneurs, ready to apply a sports mentality to our direct marketing business methods. The greatest athletes use principles of motivation, discipline, and determination. This is why Crush Inc makes conscious efforts to take these essential skills that are learned through playing sports and implement them into our training practices, thus strengthening our team and cultivating growth. Sports-Minded Entry Level Sales Representative Are You Sports-Minded? In the world of business, a sports mentality in work environments has a strong influence on personal resilience and team achievement. The characteristics of people who have this mindset are recognized in their desire to learn and develop themselves through their experiences. Do you have sports-minded qualities? Do you appreciate the significance of self-motivation? Are you able to discipline yourself and prioritize actions to achieve your goals? Do you have the determination to keep moving forward despite obstacles? Do your work principles meet the standards of a competitive athlete? Are you ready to grow into leadership through honest team-building processes? Do you find yourself providing support and encouragement to your peers? Do you have the student mentality needed to learn from your mistakes? Are you capable of being coached into development? Sports-Minded Entry Level Sales Representative Benefits: National Business Trips New York, NY Miami, FL Atlanta, GA Miami, FL Houston, TX Miami, FL Detroit, MI Nashville, TN Los Angeles, CA Networking Opportunities with National Business Owners Business Management Conferences with Successful Guest Speakers Regional Consultants National Consultants International Consultants Free Development Workshops with Company CEO Opportunities for Growth Development on a personal and professional level Apply now for this entry-level position with full training provided. We hire in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Miami, and Orlando. This is not a remote position! Sports-Minded Entry Level Sales Representative Sports-Minded Entry Level Sales Representative with LevelUp Sports-Minded Entry Level Sales Representative:- Over 18 years old Speak good English Holder of HS Diploma or higher Citizen, resident, or authorized to work (including international students studying in the US) Able to commute to work This is not a remote position!

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