4 epic attraction to do see in Bintan

Listly 4 epic attraction to do see in bintan headline

A Listly List - Exploring Bintan in Indonesia is sure to be an amazing experience! For travellers with a sense of adventure, the sand dunes of Bintan offer unique activities for a memorable time with family and friends. The Blue Lake in Bintan, locally known as Danau Biru is a mesmerising, sky-blue pool of water that you ought to see first-hand. If you need some time on the beach, pack up a picnic and head over to Trikora Beach for some sunbathing and a few splashes. You can also enjoy a great stay at a [Bintan Island resort](https://ift.tt/YLvqMr7) the likes of [The Residence Bintan](https://ift.tt/hZv7qnz). - Trikora Beach, Penyengat Island, Danau Biru, and Gurun Pasir Busung

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