Maldives Packing List: 5 Essentials for a Perfect Maldives Vacation - A worry-free, blissful getaway

Listly maldives packing list 5 essentials for a perfect maldives vacation a worry free blissful getaway headline

A Listly List - A getaway to the Indian Ocean islands of Maldives is bound to be outright blissful. But packing the right things for the Maldives can make or break your blissful getaway. Here's a round-up of the essentials for your Maldives trip and help to avoid that horrible staring contest with your suitcase. - A universal travel adapter - a real vacation lifesaver, Tropical destination essentials - must-haves for a blissful tropical getaway, A couple of different footwear - the right shoe for the right occasion, Lightweight summer clothes - comfy, low-key and modest, and Suitcase or backpack? - choose your ideal travel companion


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