Vegetarian foods you must try in Sri Lanka

Listly vegetarian foods you must try in sri lanka headline

A Listly List - The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is one of the many nicknames given to the wonderful land of Sri Lanka. Many tourists from around the world flock here to catch a glimpse of the interesting culture and history. However, there’s one more thing you must keep an eye out for; the food. Sri Lankan food is a celebration of spices and earthy flavours. Most of these dishes are vegan or vegetarian, using coconut milk and local vegetables. Here are some you must try on your vacation here at a lavish [Tangalle beach resort]( ) such as Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle or your cosy bungalow in the misty Nuwara Eliya hills. - Lunu Miris, Pittu, Hoppers, Coconut Sambol, and String Hoppers


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