05 Amazing Things to Do in Negombo - Blissful times in the modest beach city of the west

Listly 05 amazing things to do in negombo blissful times in the modest beach city of the west headline

A Listly List - Just north of Colombo, away from the bustle of the capital city, is the seaside city of Negombo. Life takes a much calmer pace on this part of the west coast, where those who choose to venture out of the heartland are greeted by a host of delightful activities that make for blissful times. - Meander down the Hamilton Canal - experience the epitome ofthe Dutch's love of canals, Go bird watching at the Muthurajawela Visitor Centre - get up close and personal with the fascinating birdlife, Let yourself loose at Guruge Park - get your fill of fun and thrills, Go shopping at the Negombo Fish Market - feed your appetite for both authentic shopping and local fish, and Beach bumming at Negombo Beach - beach basking on the city's finest sands



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